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The most common of all rodents that create a stir for homeowners, the house mouse takes the cake…Literally. Although they prefer seeds and nuts, these opportunistic bandits will eat almost anything they discover and will stop at nothing to find a good meal. They’ve even been known to steal your pet’s food and store it in their own pantry for a rainy day. On average, mice grow to about 3.5 in. (not including tail) and weigh less than an ounce, generally being of light brown or gray to black in color. But don’t let those cute little furry faces fool you! Not only are they urinating and defecating throughout your home, they are also potentially contaminating food and damaging electrical wires. It’s even estimated that Mice/Rats cause about 20-25% of all undetermined house fires. Mice are shy but naturally curious creatures. They typically roam the home at night looking for food, water and nesting sites for their ever growing family.

So how do I know if I have mice?: There are a number of different signs that tip you off to this home invader such as; droppings, foot prints, gnawing/chewing damage, burrow holes/tunnels, sounds, odors and the obvious sighting. Do you ever hear what sounds like movement in the walls or the pitter patter of feet running in the ceiling? You’re not going crazy, there’s a very curious mouse exploring your home looking for a reason to set up a permanent residence.

I didn’t invite them here, so how did they get in? Well, unfortunately you may have put them on the guest list without having a clue. House mice do not travel very far from their nest but they live in close proximity to humans, often in or around houses and fields. They can squeeze their way into any crack or crevice that their head can fit through which is usually the size of a dime or smaller! Many entry points for these rodents may be below ground level and thus very difficult to find especially if your property is slab-on-ground or your basement level is finished.

How can I get rid of these unwanted house guests? Because average mouse colonies number in the dozens, contacting Eco Elite Pest Control. regarding Mice Control & Rodent Control is a smart first step. Our fully trained, experienced technicians along with our safe methods, equipment and materials will put your worries to rest.

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