Kansas City Pest Control Plans & Pricing

oie_png(1)Quarterly Preventative Plan: $95 per quarter ($380 year)

Year round protection at a great price. We come out to your house every three months (4 times a year) to apply a protective barrier around the perimeter of your home. Best part of our Quarterly pest service is that any time you feel some type of pest problem arises inside there is no extra charge to return at your convenience to remedy the problem at hand. One year commitment required.


oie_png(1)One Shot: $150

This service includes a full interior and exterior pest control service that covers a very broad spectrum of pests. This is the same service our Quarterly customers receive, just without a long term commitment.


oie_png(1)Flea: $150

The Flea Extermination service includes treating the entire inside of the home as well as using a granular product to control fleas in the yard. The treatment is 2 fold. A contact pesticide as well as an IGR to stop the reproduction cycle of the Fleas.


oie_png(1)Carpenter Ant: $250

The Carpenter Ant Extermination includes 3 treatments to insure we not only eliminate the Main colony but all sub colonies as well. We treat the first time then schedule 2 more follow up visits 2 week apart.


oie_png(1)Carpenter Bee: $175

Two separate visits scheduled about two weeks apart to make sure we get them all.


oie_png(1)Mice and Rat: $150 – $250

If you’re just looking for control of rodents and don’t care about other pests we have some rodent control options. For 3 visits all about 2 weeks apart its $250 or if it’s a minor problem try the one time service for $150. If the problem ends up bigger than you initially thought just pay the difference and get two more visits.


oie_png(1)Vole: $225

Voles that burrow under your concrete slabs and tear up the yard can be a pain. Vole control can be tough. Three visits about a week apart is the first wave of attack. Depending on how large the population is, although rare it might take more than one cycle to get complete control.


oie_png(1)Termite Extermination: between $4.50 – $6.50 a Linear Foot and $85 annual renewal

Termite work must be bid on site due to the linear footage Price. The difference in price is due to the Termite Control product being used. One product might last 6 years and the other is guaranteed for 10 years.


oie_png(1)Termite Inspection: Varies

If you are looking for a piece of mind inspection call for pricing. Depends on distance required to travel.
If you need an inspection for a real-estate transaction (WDI report / form NPMA-33) there is a $65 charge. All Legal documents needed for the purchase or sale of a home will be provided.