We will be nice to you! We strive to be kind to everyone—because that’s exactly what you deserve and because it is the right thing to do! We’ll show up with a smile and an eagerness to get to work for you!


There are no surprise visits. With Eco Elite, you won’t just get a surprise bill in your door. We always call at least one day in advance. Neither do we secretly add on services that you didn’t order, or change the prices without your consent. We only provide those services discussed and nothing more unless requested.

We show up on time. You won’t have to wonder whether we’ll be there or not. We show up when we say we do….count on that!

We’re clean & tidy. Your technician will be clean and presentable; we’ll respect your home and property, wear shoe covers inside, and tidy up when finished.

We’re licensed, insured, and dedicated to doing things safely by the book. All our technicians are properly licensed with the state of Missouri and Kansas. That means that our technicians have studied, taken, and passed the exams to be able to apply pesticides. The products and services we provide are safe for you, your family, pets, and your property. We only use EPA registered products or products found to be exempt by the EPA. All products have been rigorously tested for safety, and we only make legal, ethical pest control applications with those products.


Because of who we are, our history, our commitment to the future, our guarantee, and the specific standards that we hold ourselves to, we are confident that you will want to do business with us. Give us a call, text, email or click here to request a quote for your preventative pest service!